Since my husband has got ill, he has been falling over more and more often. Most of the time I’m able to steady his fall, but sometimes he falls so suddenly I’m unable to catch him or steady him. This might sound strange/silly but when he first started falling, it seemed to be on certain days, but it has now become more frequent and is happening nearly every day.

Fortunately my husband has not had any seroius injuries from falling, but this dosen’t mean my heart is not pounding each time it happens and I’m so scared for him. It’s also heartbreaking seeing the frustration and anger  on his face  because his body is failing him. What scares me most is the thought that next time he’s going to get serious injuries.

This week has been an especially bad week. He must have fallen at least 6 times, one of which was while he was at his CBT appointment which was at the doctors surgery. He hit his head on the wall and I thought he had badly injured himself, so I asked if someone could check him over. Because it was lunch time all the doctors where at lunch. The receptionists did manage to get in contact with one of the doctors by phone, but instead of them asking how my husband was or what his health problems were, they asked how old he was. When he heard he is only 40 the doctor said he would check him over, but we would have to wait for 30 minutes ……… Needless to say we left the surgery, rather than waiting. I am wondering if I should put a complaint in to the surgery.


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