My health has never been 100% but whose health is? I have always suffered with depression and anxiety, and in the past I have also experienced panic attacks - although nowhere near as bad as the ones @raspberrytalk gets. I was also diagnosed with IBS over 10 years ago.

I am also slightly long sighted and at 5' 3" suffer with shortism, as my husband often reminds me :-) lol.

When I decided to be my husband's carer I never dreamt it would effect my health as well and I also never realised how important my health would be to my caring role.

But last June I was given wake up call. I was feeling a little funny in the shower and went to the bedroom to lie down for a moment. But before I got there I keeled over backwards and passed out. I must of been out of it for just a few seconds but it scared the life out of me and @raspberrytalk.

My doctor sent me for the basic epilepsy test and because that came back normal she then sent me for a MRI on my head. Again everything came back normal, so my GP then referred me to see a neurologist. He asked me a few questions and got me to do some balance tests. He then said I collapsed because of the added stress I'm having to deal with. He seemed very concerned about me and said I needed to find a way of having a break from my caring role. He also said in all his time doing his job he's seen a lot of other carers go through the same as me.

So, how is my health now ..... ?

Well, I'm still on antidepressants and have also been taking Pregabalin for stress induced migraines! Also because I suffer with restless leg syndrome I'm currently taking something for that as well.

I have nearly passed out several times since last year. I was in Tesco the other week and almost collapsed again. I have been trying to look after myself but it's been a struggle. I'm still getting migraines but not as often as I was. the trouble is that when I get them I have to go to bed and have to leave my husband alone in his chair in the living room. I find I can't switch off properly because I'm worried about my husband.

So my health is suffering and I really do need to think of my own health because if I'm not, well how on earth can I cope with taking care of my husband? I need to listen to my own advice. I'm always telling others to take care of themselves yet I don't do it myself. I'm sure a lot of other carers have the same problem. As a carer you automatically put the other person's needs and health before your own but, as you can see, this in itself causes the carer to have health problems. Yes, as a carer you need to look after the other persons health and needs, but you must take care of your own as well.

I know it's hard to do but, as carers, we must because we are also responsible for someone else health. I think as carers we actually need to think of our health first. I know it does sound strange, but it does make sense.

When I get my spells I can't do anything for my husband, which is so frustrating and upsetting as well. I currently don't get any respite as we can't afford it, but I do desperately need some. I have contacted a local charity that may be able to help me with that. We'll just have to wait and see.

take care of each other
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