MIGRAINES! - Not just another "headache"

I normally write about #raspberrytalk's health and how I am dealing with what he is going through, but today I am actually going to talk about one of the health problems I have and have had for a long time. Migraines!

Migraine Pathophysiology








What is a migraine?

Well, here is a link from the migraine trust:-

As you can see there is a lot more going on than just an ordinary headache! For years I didn't realise that what I thought was a head cold/headache was actually a migraine. In some ways I'm one of the lucky ones because I get the warning signs before I get "the migraine from hell" as I call it.
The last one I had was a few weeks back and I carried on as normal for as long as possible, but by day four I ended up in bed in agony because I hadn't listened to my body!

I often get the full blown migraine which, if you read the above link, you'll know is a lot worse than just a "normal headache". It's very debilitating.

When I get mine full blown, I can't move or do anything else, lights and noise are a nightmare for me. My head feels like it's got a build up of pressure but it also feels like someone is tightening screws or perhaps is trying to cleave my head in two with an axe! Sometimes I feel like drilling a hole in my head to let the pressure out, lol. And some occasions even just breathing when lying in bed can be a painful nightmare as well.

I don't how old some of you guys are but there is an old 80's film called Scanners and this is how my head feels. Scanners Head Exploding Clip  yeah I know it's gross but I think a visual was needed......... lol

What triggers migraines?

My triggers are mainly stress or too much sugar. I do try to avoid sugar for other health reasons and I am on several different pills for stress and anxiety. Since I was put onto Pregabalin I've not been getting migraines as often, but I do still get them. This time last year I was getting migraines at least once or twice a week. But when I was having them that often they were not as severe .... you can't win really. Oh well.

For those of you that also suffer with these horrible little head niggles, here's a link to some of the treatments that may help:-

So next time someone you know is having a migraine, have a little sympathy. And remember; Yes, it is a form of headache, but it's a lot more severe and it can be very, very debilitating as well.

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