Next week should hopefully be not so busy, at the moment only a doctors appointment for me next week. @raspberrytalk is seeing neuro-psychiatrist tomorrow lets hope he helps, 2-3 years on and we still have no proper answers except that my husband has:


Antisocial personality disorder: characterised by an ignorance of the entitlements of others, the absence of empathy, and (generally) a pattern of consistent criminal activity.

Borderline personality disorder: extreme ‘black and white’ thinking and long term unstable emotions – particularly when involving relationships, identity and behaviour. These feeling can lead to both self-harm and impulsive behaviour.

Histrionic personality disorder: attention seeking behaviour that often includes inappropriate seductive conduct and superficial or inflated emotions.

Narcissistic personality disorder: characterised by the consistent need for praise and admiration and a belief that they are special and ‘entitled’. Extreme jealously, arrogance and a lack of empathy are also usually present.

knowing my husband has cluster B explains his mental health but what about his physical health which has declined more and more over the last few years. it is so frustrating for both myself and @raspberrytalk also the so called medical professional's seem to look over his physical health and put it all down to his mental health or they just say its in your head. They are missing the fact that my husband is in pain everyday, can't walk most days and also some days he can't get out of bed because he's so fatigued. I could go on but I won't because I would be here all day. we just want answers. is it so hard for these so called medical professionals to help or even do test that have not been done.........

21st October 2014

so my husband saw a neuro-psychiatrist on 19th September 2014, who only focused his attention on my husbands seizures and kept saying you need to keep a diary of them and write how you felt and how you thought other people around you felt...................I tried telling the so-called specialist that there is no pattern to my husbands seizures. He totally ignored anything I was saying, anything @raspberrytalk said as well. I feel so frustrated for myself and @raspberrytalk............still no real help or answers.

next week @raspberrytalk has yet another appointment to see a  psychiatrist, we chased this up with the doctors to find out why and apparently the neurologist we saw a while back said my husband is very depressed really I wonder why..............

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