Trip to the Other side

As a carer I always worry about Raspberrytalk every day and even more so when he has to have tests or just see some specialist. I also get very frustrated for him when the medical proffessionals can’t give us answers to what is  wrong with him or even try and give him the help he needs.

Last year I got to experince his side of things, the frustration he feels and the anxiety of having tests done, waiting for results, also the feelings of not being able to trust your body that is the most terriffing feeling for me. I also feel frustrated and guilty for being ill and strugling to take care of raspberrytalk. 

Why feel guilty don’t really know but I always do when I am not well. I think it could be the fact that I know raspberrytalk blames himself for my health problems and because he’s like me he will be worried about me too and frustrated he can’t do more.

Me and raspberrytalk have a even better understanding of the feelings we both go through.
I’m not going to write full details of the tests I had but I am going to list them.
These test all came back normal and I was even shown my CT Scan and the specialsts confirmed that I do not have Sinutitis or any other issues.

 psychiatric assessment (by a Psychiatric nurse)
These tests however have shown that I have a low White Blood cell count. Result from my last blood test came back borderline….

Refferal was made for me to be seen by  Immunologist (still waiting to hear from one near to where I live) Heard from one that is nearly 2 hours away I cancelled this appointment because traveling that far is not comfortable for me because of my FMS.

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