Same S***, Different Day....

it seems as soon as I start to relax a bit and stupidly think my husband is not going to have some kind of spell ...

... he has a spell! Luckily we were at home and there were other people in the house to help. I just popped to the toilet and while I was gone, Raspberry being Raspberry, decided to "help" by going to the kitchen to start making us all some drinks. I came back and went to the kitchen to check on him ... only to find him half passed out on his perching stool, leaning back against the fridge gasping for breath! Thank God his stool was there (thank you Social Services!)or my husband would have ended up on the floor - or worse still, he could have badly banged his head on the floor or worktop on his way down!

The thing is, he could have been there for ages. I only walked into the kitchen to check on him because I sort of sensed that something was wrong.

This is something I've seen many times before, my husband collapsed with exhaustion, but I can usually get him over to the sofa or the bed before he's completely gone.
This time however, my husband's whole body simply decided it was not going to work anymore. As I was checking he was ok and still conscious he slumped forwards and his whole dead weight fell against me. I couldn't move him and just had to stand there bracing his entire weight on my legs ....ouch!!

Luckily, just as I was sure my legs were going to buckle, my husbands mother noticed what was going on and could see that my legs was shaking with the strain of holding my husband up. She quickly called to my husband's step dad who came running in and rescued us both. As he took my husband's weight he turned to me and said "He's bloody heavy, isn't he!?".

My husband was now completely unresponsive and he still couldn't move either because of the muscle paralysis, but he was still awake because his eyes were open and he remembers it all clearly. No matter how many times I see this happen it still scares me.

A few minutes later my husband suddenly jerked upright on the stool and became semi responsive - almost as if half asleep (or very drunk! lol). We managed to get him to his feet and move very unsteadily into the living room and sit him in a chair. Unfortunately, within a few minutes of him being put into the chair he slumped down and started to have a seizure. I tried my best to keep him safe and keep him in the chair, but as his entire body was flexing and thrashing about because of the violent nature of his seizures, he slowly slid down the chair and ended up on the floor.
I asked his step dad to get some water because I know when my husband comes around he will need a drink. These seizures are very muscular in nature and always leave my husband completely drained as if he's just run a race. He is also usually in great pain afterwards with several pulled muscles.

At one point while my husband was seizing, I looked at my mother inlaw and could see a mix of fear and frustration in her eyes. She turned to me and said "They're getting worst aren't they?".
It's sad to say, but after my husband had stopped seizing and we'd managed to get him back into the chair, I had to tell her that what she saw was not the worst and in fact it was quite a small attack. I held her hand and asked if she was o.k (stupid question, I know!) and told her "I know it's scary to see but he's o.k now".

Typical of these seizures, my husband was now completely back to normal (aside from a few pulled muscles and being exhausted) and I got the pair of them to hold hands ... it was all I could think to do.

So there you go; Same s***, different day ... but at least this time I had extra support and someone to actually help me move my husband (Thank You!!).

I hate that this is happening to my husband. And I really hate to say it, but when he has his spells it's not just him they affect. I'm also drained afterwards, but it's more emotionally rather than physically. I feel selfish when I say it, but my husband says I shouldn't be so silly. He says "of course you're drained. You have every right to be and shouldn't feel bad for feeling like that. I wouldn't wish having to deal with all this/me on my worst enemy!".

Then we both usually get upset, there are "I love you"s and even tears because of "all the pain" we're causing each other ... and it all becomes very slushy, damp and emotional, lol

Take Care of Each Other
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