Almost lost it!

Almost lost it big time at the doctors today, the stupid reception lady told my husband to walk up a flight of stairs. When my husband said to her I don't think I can manage the stairs she giggled and said just take your time...WTF

doesn't end there my husband is stubborn so tried doing the stairs, I couldn't leave him to get help so I started getting very angry and verbal. eventually someone ca...
me along and asked if we where o.k and I said no.

The lady said why didn't you tell the receptionist you can't do the stairs both me and my husband replied and said we did. i said the trouble is they never notice the stick that husband has to use.

Cut this long story short my husband ended up collapsing on the stairs....

The doctor was amazing, she even took us out the back when it came to us leaving.


After this happening today I am wondering how many people don't see my husbands stick or the fact he struggles with every step he takes.


  1. Oh hunn i'm so sorry for the stupidity of the ppls in this world and some that are in it with. Us all!
    Because if I was still taken my husband too doctor app and they treated him that way oh oh every stupid individuals that crossed our path and would of done somethen like that ! Oh they would of wish they didn't ! Yes i'm very vocal !

  2. I'm so sorry for the individuals that post to being helping ppls in in this type of career field